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  • Solution #1

    dynamic leaders equipped with the networks and tools to meet the evolving needs of our community

    (photo of Kenneth delivering his WINNING $750 pitch at Detroit Soup, Summer 2012)

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  • Solution #2

    inspired life-long learners with the care and confidence to graduate high school and succeed in college and beyond

    (photo taken during Summer 2012 Boot Camp at the Jam Handy building; students learning about social entrepreneurship)

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  • Solution #3

    thoughtful activists who build solutions alongside their communities

    (photo of Popy sharing her avocado-lime dressing as a healthier alternative to store-bought ranch at the Islandview Block Party, Summer 2013)

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  • Solution #4

    knowledgable individuals fit to lead a lifestyle of wellness

    (Photo of Summer 2013 cohort sharing a meal at the made-from-scratch pizza party)

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  • Detroit Food Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit experiential leadership program dedicated to transforming the lives of young Detroiters through food and social entrepreneurship. We partner with local high schools, educators, and food entrepreneurs to facilitate a year-round practicum culminating in the design and launch of students' own triple-bottom-line (people, planet, profit) food business. As students develop food-based solutions in their communities, they grow as holistic leaders who are healthy, connected, and powerful.

    • The Academy

      A 25-week afterschool program powered by three threads: Kitchen, Conversation, and Community. Participants graduate with a polished values-based food product, a certificate in food entrepreneurship, a network of potential employers, and an opportunit…

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    • Small Batch Entrepreneurship Camp

      A 6-week program that puts Academy graduates in the driver’s seat of their food business: they are employed 25-hours per week to launch, operate, and perfect their triple bottom line food business at farmers’ markets and retail outlets across the…

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    • Fall 2012 Market 2

      Fall 2012

      After a successful summer program, the Detroit Institute of Technology at Cody-Rouge invited us to teach a 4-day-per-week elective course focused on s…

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    • Bootcamp9

      Summer 2012

      In our second summer, we shifted our focus from casting a wide net to casting a deep one with a more intensive, skill-focused experience for each stud…

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    • Summer 2012 - FREEP

      Spring 2013

      Recognizing the inadequacy of 54-minute class periods, the Food Academy shifted from co-curricular to extracurricular with the intention of creating r…

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    • 971049_521388914599845_1134835370_n

      Summer 2013

      This 6-week summer program was called Small Batch Entrepreneurship Camp. We employ 10 students for 25 hours per week. Students sell their own handcraf…

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    • Earthworks Field Trip #2

      Summer 2011

      A broad-reaching summer employment program (hosted and sponsored by Detroit Eastern Market Corporation), under our original name Detroit Youth Food Br…

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  • Testimonials

    • “I loved communicating with people in my community. And I learned how I can help my family live healthier.”

      Gregory, Summer 2013
    • “The most important thing I learned at DFA this summer is exceptional marketing and communication skills. I also learned how to manage money and talk to a large group of people.”

      Week 1 - Tour of Lafayette Greens
      Popy, Summer 2013
    • “I learned about entrepreneurship and being a professional and I also learned how to make a change in my community. We went to local markets and sold our healthy products, and I learned how to just have healthier alternatives for foods and educating people is helping my community. We also learned … that we can cook for ourselves with ingredients we get from the market or store.”

      Taylor, Summer 2013
    • “Kids can actually make a difference in our communities… be leaders instead of being out in the streets. I’m going back to school to get my high school diploma and go to college to become a teacher and it’s all thanks for Ms. B and the Food Brigade and the Boggs Education Center to help me find out what I want to do in my life.”

      Desmond, Summer 2011- Summer 2013
    • “If you have a chance to take this class in the future, take advantage. It’s like a family. This class helped me make healthier choices, I stopped going to McDonald’s, started cooking at home, and I’ve lost like 5 pounds.”

      Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 8.14.58 PM
      Haider, Fall 2012
    • “I was thinking I could own my own restaurant… and maybe one day it can happen, now I’ve got some skills. I also learned how to be a professional. Ms. B would say that we are at work and we need to be professional, respectful, and treat others how you want to be treated. I learned how to present myself. I also learned what a working environment is and I learned how to be serious and get the job done.”

      Sherrion, Fall 2012 – Summer 2013
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