Yolanda Scarborough

Program Director

Yolanda grew up in Lansing, MI and has been in Detroit for the past four years. Her studies include Marriage and Family Counseling, Business courses at Baker College, and now Yolanda will be adding Culinary arts training to her repertoire.Yolanda is a lifelong learner who gathers passion from new information. In Lansing, Yolanda worked for ten years as a Before- and After-School Program Director for New City Academy. During her last two years, she served the school as a Behavioral Specialist. In 2012, Yolanda and her large family (husband and six children) moved to Detroit. Yolanda is the Advanced Leadership Coordinator for Detroit Food Academy, where she supports students who have been in the program for over one year in launching their next-level food projects. Working with children is not what Yolanda does as a living, it is who she is as a person. Yolanda knows what the danger of unhealthy eating can do in a life, it is her endeavor to eat healthy as well as teach healthy eating to the community.  Detroit Food Academy is not only a way to present a healthy eating lifestyle to our children, it is also a way to create sustainability within the home as well. She is ready to ensure that children are armed with the knowledge that healthy eating is not just a fad, it is the way to a healthier life and body.