Brandon Johnson

Classroom Facilitator, DFA Alum

Growing up on Detroits west side and calling Detroit home since birth Brandon likes to think of himself as a true Detroiter. Sparking an interest and passion for food at a young age he knew that he wanted his life to be whisked into the culinary field. Not knowing where he could begin kneading his journey he stumbled across Detroit Food Academy in the last semester of his senior year of high school. Intrigued by the program he began planning how he could become part of the growing recipe of Detroit Food Academy after completion of high school. After being hired and completing the six week summer youth program he was hired in with a newly created position created specifically for him and another former DFA student. Since being part of the continuously growing DFA team as a Classroom Coordinator Brandon have embarked on many self impacting journeys many involving ways that he could better himself and the youth of the program. Brandon‘s goal by partnering with DFA is to influence youth that with all odds stacked against them anything is possible. Brandon currently has three jobs Detroit Food Academy (Classroom Coordinator), Trinosophes (Cook), and Chipotle Mexican Grill. Brandon also, attends Schoolcraft College, where he has received a full tuition paid scholarship from professional football player DeAndre Levy and Chef James Rigato of Mabel Gray Kitchen towards him working on his Bachelors degree in Culinarily Arts.